Friday Features

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Nadirah Pierre

Nadirah Pierre is warm fuzzies personified! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! The moment we met for our interview, it felt like a giant warm hug. And, her smile is so infectious! What can I say, I’m a big fan of this amazing, intelligent, and loving spirit named Nadirah P.! Fresh from her appearance in my hometown, Baltimore for the ICNA-MAS conference, she rarely has free time, so it was my honor to have an hour to talk with her all about her #BlackMuslimGirlFly. Alhamdulillah, here’s what she had to say.

Leah Vernon

Powerful. Amazing. Resilient. Badass. Inspiring. Gorgeous. I could go on and on, and still won’t run out of words to describe this woman who wields her #BlackMuslimGirlFly like the most beautiful katana sword created by Hattori Hanzō. Better than Uma Thurman. I got the chance to talk with Leah Vernon, and I love her spirit, and her unapologetic storytelling about how she grew into her sharp and unbreakable #BlackMuslimGirlFly. Read what the beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful supermodel had to say:

Malikah A. Shabazz

First of all, this lady is fierce. Second of all, she is hella creative. And, third of all she is definitely not scared of you. Meet Malikah A. Shabazz, my fellow name holder, queen of all things creative, and boundless in her determined, beautiful, shining energy. It was magical: two female filmmakers chopping it up; one from Detroit, and one from Baltimore, so you know we came correct. Read what Malikah had to say about being #BlackMuslimGirlFly.

Salima Sound

Glow. Vibration at a frequency that many of us have to practice to attain, yet Salima lives there at that frequency, effortlessly. It’s her spirit and the melody of her rhythmic soul that pours out with every word she speaks. And, her beautiful, infectious, deep down laughter! Salima is, at the same time, confident and shy; and the beauty of that shyness, I believe, adds that special glow to the works of art she brings to the world. It was an honor and a joy to talk with her. Catch a glimpse, and hear what Salima Rah has to say about being #BlackMuslimGirlFly.

Blair Imani

If you asked me to describe Blair Imani in one word, I could not do it. There are so many perfect words to describe that electric energy, bottled up inside the beautiful, Blair Imani. Here are a few: Cute. Passionate. Smart. Funny. Razor sharp wit. Sprinkles, like the ones in her yogurt and cereal. Infectious giggler. Determined change-maker. Blair is so multi-faceted, and I had the fun privilege of interviewing her for BMGFly’s Friday Features. Where I found out her superpower. It was Blair’s choice to convert to Islam, that gave her a confidence that inspires her #BlackMuslimGirlFly Read what she had to say about being #BlackMuslimGirlFly:

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir

Let’s talk about #BlackMuslimGirlFly! I had the honor of interviewing this amazing young woman, and she is the epitome of #BlackMuslimGirlFly to me. After our exclusive interview, I’m thinking @qis_mo is MY hero! Over the course of the week, you will get to know this modern day Muslim Woman Hero, and appreciate how powerful Black Muslim Women and Girls truly are. Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir is the #FridayFeature!

Ayanna Sharif

Hailing from our hometown, Baltimore, Ayanna comes from a legacy of Black Muslim Women in our community who possess that OG #BlackMuslimGirlFly. I grew up with her older sisters, and to see this beautiful, talented, young woman blossom and grow is all kinds of special for me. Seeing her mother sing in her film, “WUDU,” got me all in my feelings, because I remember Aunty Sabreen singing, and loving the sound of her voice when I was a kid. Now, Ayanna is breaking the mold and creating her own lane as another talented artist, filmmaker, storyteller, out of Bmore, and I couldn’t be any more proud! Read what she had to say about being a Black Muslim Girl from Baltimore, and her bright #BlackMuslimGirlFly.

Mubarakah Ibrahim

Mubarakah Ibrahim Team BMGFly: #BlackMuslimGirlFly is defined as that “it” factor Black Muslim Girls & Women have that makes them amazing, dope, & fresh-to-death awesome. How would you describe your #BlackMuslimGirlFly? Mubarakah Ibrahim: I think that my Black Muslim Girl Fly is just being an inspiration and motivation for people to do what their hearts’ […]

Carmen Muhammad

Tenacity. This lady is about her business. I can only listen and learn, as this Queen Mother answers my questions. Her story is as expansive, as it is intimate. Carmen Muhammad has traveled the world, has had Royals giving her gifts, and has had her designs sweep the fashion world from Milan to Paris to China. And, yet, when we spoke, it was as if I was speaking with my favorite aunty. Her voice, energy, and spirit come through the phone. Carmen has lived a rich and rewarding life.

Quan Lateef-Hill

Powerful is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Quan Lateef-Hill. Often, the mighty exists in modest packaging, and Quan is hella mighty. She’s a force in the entertainment industry, and she’s just getting started. When we first met years ago, I immediately felt admiration for Quan. I thought to myself, “Wow, I am NOT alone in this industry. Check out this fly sister making things happen!” One of the happiest days of my life as an independent filmmaker was meeting Quan. Being a Black Muslim Woman in any professional setting is often living the lonely life of the unicorns we are. We’re usually the only person anywhere with all three identifiers; what I call the “Triple Threat Trifecta.”