March 14, 2018

“Dear Black Muslim Girl, you are a HEALING to the world.”💜

As a kid, I learned during Islamic Studies class that “your body has rights over you.” I imagined my arms and legs telling on me on the Day of Judgment: ‘She didn’t answer her mother’s calls, and stayed playing late outside!’ And stuff like, ‘She ate an extra cookie when her mother wasn’t looking!’ But, of course, it’s much more layered than that. My thought process has evolved, and I understand this means more physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your body has rights over you to HEAL.

It’s a gift. You are a home for your soul for an appointed time and a place of safety. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself from those that may harm you, including your own self. Have compassion for yourself. Rest when you need it. Care for your physical health keeps your emotional and spiritual health as well. That care includes limiting who we allow in our physical space.

Choose people who are positive, nurturing, and supportive. Be that for the people you love, and for yourself as well. Healing from negativity is just as important as healing from physical harm. You are a healing, nurturing force in your life. You, your body, your spirit, has rights over you.” ~#BlackMuslimGirlFly ® 💜🌟 #WednesdayWisdom *TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS TODAY.🌹

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