March 5, 2018

“The world is mine, when I wake up…” ~@ErykahBadu, “Certainly”

Say the word ‘noble,’ and people think royalty. Royal Europeans. But, I’m here to remind you that nobility is a characteristic that we hold as Black Muslim Girls and Women. Many of us either forget, or we’re never taught, that we are special creatures gifted by God. “This Earth is ours, and everything in it. YOU are royalty. Don’t let this world get you twisted.” ~@BlackMuslimGirlFly


“Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good deeds that He will certainly make them His vicegerents in the land, as He made those before them, and will certainly establish for them their deen, which He has chosen for them, and will certainly give them peace in place of fear, in which they were before;” (24:55) The Qur’an, Surah Nur (The Light)

*Welcome to Black Muslim Women’s History Month, where we’re continuing Black History Month in March (Women’s History Month,) and celebrating our intersectionality. Because being #BlackMuslimGirlFly®  means so much.*

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