Be You, Boo.

Be You, Boo.

February 13, 2018

America says “Muslim Woman” and most visualize a respectably covered, #hijabi, maybe Arab, Pakistani, or other (daughter of an) immigrant woman. But, guess what? #BeingBlackAndMuslim been a thing since before America was built on the backs of my people. So, to quote my sis @50_shadesof_lavender ”We been here.” And, baby, there is no such thing as the “ideal” Muslim American. You’ve been sold a false bill of goods, like that paper money they use to try and get what you got. (But, sorry. No, you can’t buy this kind of fly.😘) Be you, baby. You have nothing to prove, boo. Be you.💜✊🏾 #BlackMuslimGirlFly

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